Beihai Park in Beijing

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Beihai Park is a large urban park located in the center of Beijing China.  The park was once the largest imperial garden in China.  Today, it is a top tourist destination in the Chinese capital.

Beihai Park is home to a number of old temples including the White Dagoba. Tourists can rent a boat and paddle out on the lake in the center of the park.

Beihai is a great place for overseas tourists to watch traditional Chinese outdoor dancing.

Beihai Park in Beijing China
Temples in Beihai Park, Beijing China

Beihai Park is located a short distance northwest of the Forbidden City.  It can be found just west of Jing Shan Park, another lovely urban park in Beijing China.

Videos of Beihai Park:

Beihai Park - Beijing China Video

Dancing in Beihai Park - Beijing China Video

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